Leken is my first solo-album and it was made during the winter of 2017, and is released October 6th.

It has taken forty years, almost to the second, to achieve full circle, finding myself re-seated in front of my childhood-home piano in Sweden. The intention has been to create a personal document

with the use of piano as the only sound source.


ENGHAVE LYS is the first single from the album.



"The album echoes his cinematic background and can in part be understood as a companion to a non-existing Lindstrand documentary, as evident in the track names, practically geo-tagging key locations from his past and present life. At the same time, the album comes from a tradition of Nordic free improv, and throughout its duration Lindstrand maintains a balance of melodic structure that has been carefully loosened to avoid overtaking the listeners ́ own storyline and imagery."

-Robert Lund